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Non ci ricordiamo dei giorni.

Noi ci ricordiamo dei momenti.

8 September
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Sempre Famiglia.


You're all fools to think you can defy the Volturi.

Disclaimer: We are not any of these people - Alex Pettyfer, Agnes Bruckner, Gael Garcia Bernal, Lily Cole, Nephania - nope, not any of them and we don't know them. The Volturi is a creation by Stephenie Meyer. We own nothing so move along. For more of your Volturi needs, please see the journal volturi_pwn_u.
blood, drinking blood, goth stuff, happy mind rape, horniness, idk-whatever-the-fuck-we-want, italy, mind pain, more sex, music, old castles, our-lords-aro-caius-marcus, pwning-you-and-everyone-else, rock and roll, sex, sexy sex, smelly werewolves, tasering-with-our-minds, vampires, volterra, we-don't-sleep-in-coffins-k-?, your mother